About Drew Deane Gallery

Housed in what used to be the Brevard Fire Station in 1926, The Drew Deane Gallery opened it’s fledgling doors in June of 2006. The recently remodeled space at 114 West Main has unveiled itself as one of the premier emerging contemporary fine arts gallerys in Western North Carolina. The clean minimal space allows for a dynamic presentation of works by established, as well as important up and coming visual artists.

The director and owner of the gallery, Drew Deane, is an accomplished artist herself. An MFA graduate from the University of Florida. She has spent many years honing her painting skills. A grant recipient for her Route 66 painting project has contributed to her continual study of the vintage signage along this historical road as well as other towns in several Southeastern States. Her paintings have been published in Communication Arts Magazine, shown at numerous galleries and in addition, have been collected throughout the United States. She is dedicated to showcasing the most talented and significant artists of the contemporary visual arts scene today.

Brevard hosts 4th Friday Gallery Walks- a first season adventure that has quickly taken off. Stop by the gallery for information on all the participants- September 22, October 27th, November 24th & December 22 are the upcoming dates.


“The road, the lights, the words, the places- all capture my spirit. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that when I was a child I hung out with my three spinster great aunts who owned a motor court, the Camellia Court in Silver Springs, Florida- the land of glass bottom boats? I couldn’t wait for it to be dark enough to turn on the neon sign.”

–Drew Deane, Owner and Director